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Community and Culture at Roxbury Latin Roxbury Latin is a democratically gathered community, a school where individuals from a great diversity of backgrounds are brought together by shared goals and common ideals. Character formation, at the heart of who we are and what we do, means we aim to educate boys not just for their own intellectual gains, but so they might understand their responsibility to contribute meaningfully and positively to the whole, and, ultimately, to society. The ongoing concern for fairness, for justice, for how we can positively affect various communities are traits the faculty of Roxbury Latin aim not only to teach, but also to model and insist upon for all students. We also work to help boys discover the joy of knowing and understanding others whose circumstances, beliefs, and interests are unlike their own. As advisors—guided by our primary promise to know and love each boy—we aim to be effective in understanding and advocating for every single boy, mindful always of what his unique attributes, gifts, and challenges might be. In everything we do, we aim to balance the best of Roxbury Latin—the best of our traditions, our relationships, and our history as an old, Classical school—with an eye toward positive growth, and with deep awareness of who we are, where we have been, and what we aim to be. We aim to ensure that Roxbury Latin is a welcoming, inclusive, supportive place for every student to learn and grow.

Dedico estes versos A quem olha as estrelas E consegue escutar risos À toda fonte nos desertos, A todos os desenhistas, Aos pequenos príncipes Que conheci nesta vida E mostraram-me no invisível O essencial. O pasto Henrique Vieira concorda. O conviver é deixar junto. É muito mais do que sentimento. Ninguém mais defende a intocabilidade da Amazônia.

Porém, ainda temos um longo caminho a trilhar para garantir que esses direitos sejam efetivados. E, especialmente com a pandemia, vimos a piora de muitos desses marcadores. É um luto coletivo. Como cuidar de crianças e adolescentes e garantir direitos fundamentais enquanto a aldeia padece? Também é preciso defender daqueles que cuidam. Juliana Schumacker Lessa.

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